The renewal period for 2019 has closed. If you wish to renew your membership you will need to apply as a new member.

Renewing members please start here by downloading the Membership Renewal Application document below, completing it and also downloading the Committee, Volunteer, Project Interest Survey (even if you have no interest in volunteering) and the Emergency Services Survey (even if you cannot offer assistance). Your membership renewal is not considered complete without all three (3) documents completed and returned.

Important! You will need to download and complete all three (3) forms on this page and return to ACPAAA!

  • Form 1: Membership Renewal Application (.pdf) - Coming Soon!

  • Online Renewal - Coming Soon!

Your renewal will not be processed until we have received a fully completed renewal application (including the City of Aurora Volunteer Agreement) and the two interest surveys below as well as your membership renewal fee. Part of the renewal process is completing a yearly City of Aurora Volunteer Agreement. Your renewal will not be processed if the release is not completed and signed. This is a City of Aurora requirement. The existing member renewal window closes January 31 each year. Renewals past that time can be accepted but members will lose all longevity awards.

Insufficient Funds Warning: If your check is returned NSF by the bank you will need to pay your membership renewal fee with CASH as well as any NSF fees charged by the bank.

As a reminder, a current Aurora Police Department Volunteer Identification Card is required to participate in ACPAAA activities.


Please take a few moments to review, complete, and return this volunteer interest form, even if you are not interested in volunteering.


Please take a moment to review this form, complete, and return even if you are not interested in assisting with emergency services.