Required Aurora Police Department Photo ID Card

All Volunteer activities require an Aurora Police Department-issued Photo ID card. You will not be allowed to participate without one.

The cards are issued free of charge.

To obtain a photo ID card:

Start the process early! The necessary paperwork and approvals can take time. This is not a one-day turn around process.
Sample APD ID Card

Sample APD ID Card

  1. Contact Clare so that she can get the necessary paperwork started. Clare is the sole contact and sole authorized person to complete this process.

  2. Provide a contact method so you can be reached once the paperwork has been submitted and can be advised of the next steps that will need to be completed by yourself.

  3. WAIT for instructions on how to proceed further and what steps will have to be taken by yourself.

  4. ID cards are good for two years and will need to be renewed via this process after that time. The ID card will have an expiration date printed on the front.

  5. You are responsible for making sure you have a current and up-to-date ID card. We will not send renewal reminders.