Weapons, Drugs, and Alcohol at ACPAAA Activities

The ACPAAA has decided that weapons, drugs, and alcohol do not have a place at our activities. Therefore, weapons, drugs, and alcohol will not be permitted at any of our activities. As a private organization, we have chosen to restrict these items and hope that everyone will respect this policy. If you violate this policy, you will be asked to leave the activity immediately. Subsequent violations will result in your membership being revoked (with no refund) and being ineligible for future membership in the organization.

This policy also applies to Colorado Concealed Weapons Permit holders, per CRS 18-12-214 (5) of the Concealed Carry Act (CCA), where our organization is considered a “private business entity.” The CCA does not limit, restrict, or prohibit any rights that a ”…private business entity” may have to exclude handguns (2012 CO 17 No. 10SC344, Colorado Supreme Court, March 5, 2012, p. 10).

Weapons are defined in CRS 18-12-101 (a.3) (a.5) (b) (c) (d) (e.5) (f) (g) (h) (i) and (i.5). Drugs are defined in CRS 18-18-102.